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Drilling Tool

  • Counter Bit
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    Counter Bit

    Countersink drilling is the face of the hole for plane, cylindrical, cone and other surface processing.
  • Twist Drill
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    Twist Drill

    A twist drill is a tool for drilling round holes in a workpiece through rotating cutting of its relative fixed axis.
  • Carbide Drill
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    Carbide Drill

    Carbide drill bit is a kind of drilling equipment used in drilling engineering.
  • Indexable Insert Drills
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    Indexable Insert Drills

    The special center blade with anti-entry technology can make the bit enter the workpiece smoothly and maintain good cutting force balance.
  • Deep Hole Drilling Bit
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    Deep Hole Drilling Bit

    Deep hole drill is a kind of drill which can be used to process deep hole.
  • Counterbore
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    A drill is the same thing as a reaming drill, but it plays a different role. It uses the cutting edge to drill; the drill drilling the bottom hole and the reaming drill expands the bottom hole of the drill.
  • Trepanning Drill
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    Trepanning Drill

    The sleeve drill is a drill bit which uses annular cutting method to process holes on solid material.
  • Ladder Chamfer Drill
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    Ladder Chamfer Drill

    Angle drill is also called angle drill, angle to hand drill, its working head is short, angle edge distance is small, can operate easily in the position that general electric drill is difficult to operate.
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