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Types of Machine Tool Accessories
Dec 21, 2018

There are many kinds of machine tool accessories, including flexible organ type protective cover (leather tiger), steel plate stainless steel guide cover, telescopic lead screw cover, curtain cover, protective skirt curtain, dust-proof folding cloth, steel tow chain, engineering plastic tow chain, steel and aluminum tow chain, machine tool working lamp, machine tool pad iron, JR-2 rectangular metal hose, DGT conduit protective cover, adjustable plastic cooling pipe, dust-absorbing pipe. Ventilation pipe, explosion-proof tube, stroke groove plate, bumper, scraping board of guide rail, scraping machine, deflectometer, platform, granite plate, cast iron plate and various operating parts, etc.

In addition, there are bearings, chucks, precision mechanical translation head, suckers, flattening pliers, vane oil pumps and so on.