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Forming Surface Broach

Forming Surface Broach
Broach is a multi-tooth tool with high broaching precision and high productivity.
Product Details:

1.Cutting blade:Forming surface broach


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Broach is a multi-tooth tool with high broaching precision and high productivity.

2.Cutting blade

Although there are many kinds of broach, the structure is similar. For example, the structure of a common round hole broach consists of: the shank for holding the broach and transmitting power; the neck for connecting; the transition cone for introducing the broachundefineds leading part into the workpiece; the leading part for guiding to prevent the broach from tilting; and the cutting teeth, Finish cutting work, consist of coarse cutting and fine cutting; calibrate teeth, take up the function of light and calibration, and act as backup teeth for fine cutting; rear guide, used to support workpiece and prevent tool teeth from damaging the machined surface and cutter teeth due to the droop of workpiece before cutting; Rear handle, bearing broach.

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Q1: Are you manufacturer?

A1: Yes, we are manufacturer

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A2: Our Main Product is Metal Stamping parts, Sheet metal parts, CNC machining parts etc.

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A5: Sure, Free of Sample is allowed with Courier Cost

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