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Milling Cutter

  • End Mill
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    End Mill

    The main cutting edge of the end milling cutter is on the cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end face is the auxiliary blade.
  • Face Milling Cutter
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    Face Milling Cutter

    A rotary cutter with one or more teeth for milling. When working, the cutter teeth in turn intermittently cut off the spare part of the workpiece.
  • Cylindrical Milling Cutter
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    Cylindrical Milling Cutter

    Cylindrical milling cutter, also called flat milling roller cutter, is used in horizontal milling machine to process plane.
  • Three-sided Milling Cutter
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    Three-sided Milling Cutter

    Three-sided milling cutter abbreviated as three-sided: all three edges have rear angles, sharp edges, cutting light. Three-sided milling cutter is a standard machine tool, usually used in horizontal milling machine, generally used for milling grooves and steps.
  • Angle Milling Cutter
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    Angle Milling Cutter

    Angle milling cutter is for milling out a certain angle of the plane, or processing the corresponding angle of the milling cutter.
  • Metal Slitting Saw
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    Metal Slitting Saw

    The saw blade milling cutter is both a saw blade and a milling cutter. It is the product of both. Saw-blade milling cutters are mostly made of W6Mo5Cr4V2 or similar high-speed steel, cemented carbide and other materials.
  • Formed Milling Cutter
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    Formed Milling Cutter

    Cutting edge profile according to the workpiece profile design of the milling cutter, called forming milling cutter.
  • Insert Milling Cutter
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    Insert Milling Cutter

    (plunge milling), also known as Z axis milling, is one of the most effective machining methods for metal cutting with high cutting rate.
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