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Cylindrical Milling Cutter

Cylindrical Milling Cutter
Cylindrical milling cutter, also called flat milling roller cutter, is used in horizontal milling machine to process plane.
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1. Cutting blade:Cylindrical milling cutter


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Cylindrical milling cutter, also called flat milling roller cutter, is used in horizontal milling machine to process plane. Cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of milling cutters and are divided into straight teeth and helical teeth according to tooth shape. According to the number of teeth are divided into coarse teeth and fine teeth. Small number of helical teeth, high strength of cutter teeth, large chip-bearing space, suitable for rough machining, fine tooth milling cutter for finishing. Milling cutters can be combined together for wide plane milling, the combination must be left and right staggered spiral teeth.

2.Cutting blade


Cylindrical milling cutters are also called flat milling cutters or roller cutters. Due to its application on long slender tool shafts, if the tool is not properly installed, it will cause adverse consequences, so special attention should be paid to installation. Figure 21A shows the correct tool mounting method. This cloth pad gently mounted on the cutter shaft, neither cut the hand, nor damage the milling cutter. Fig. 21b is an unreasonable method of loading. It is hammered in. Because it is possible not only to break the milling cutter, but also to bend the shaft. After the milling cutter is installed, install the cutter shaft washer separately and fasten with the pressing nut. However, in order to avoid bending of the tool shaft, the front bearing should be installed in order to avoid bending. Therefore, figure 22a is the correct method to tighten the nut, and figure 22b is incorrect. [1] in addition, the mounting of cutter shaft bearings should be as close as possible to the milling cutter in order to increase the rigidity of cutting. Because the shaft is thin and long, if the bearing is too far from the milling cutter, it is easy to vibrate and bend the shaft. Thus, the size control and surface finish of the parts are affected. So the bearing method in figure 23A is correct, and the installation method in figure 23b is incorrect. At the same time, not only the rigidity of milling, but also the collision between bearing, workpiece and fixture should be taken into account. Therefore, before cutting, you should observe or shake the worktable with your hand. If it is like figure 24b, an accident will occur. In this case, the cutting stiffness can only be sacrificed to make the bearing move away from the workpiece, as shown in figure 24a.

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