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Processing of Various External Surfaces

  • Formed Milling Cutter
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    Formed Milling Cutter

    Cutting edge profile according to the workpiece profile design of the milling cutter, called forming milling cutter.
  • Insert Milling Cutter
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    Insert Milling Cutter

    (plunge milling), also known as Z axis milling, is one of the most effective machining methods for metal cutting with high cutting rate.
  • Surface Broach
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    Surface Broach

    Broach is a forming tool for broaching. There are many rows of teeth on the surface of the cutter. The size and shape of the teeth increase and change from the cutting end to the cutting end.
  • Forming Surface Broach
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    Forming Surface Broach

    Broach is a multi-tooth tool with high broaching precision and high productivity.
  • Gear Broach
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    Gear Broach

    Gear cutting tool refers to the special tool for producing and machining gears. The gear can be made by cutting method, which can be divided into forming method and generating method.
  • Alloy File
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    Alloy File

    One of the files is made from Emery (Emery is silicon carbide, hardness 95. Carbon and silicon are covalently bonded, no diamond hard, no diamond expensive) electroplated, is a professional processing die, sticky cemented carbide, and gear.
  • Diamond File
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    Diamond File

    Alloy file is specially used for mould repair, grinding workpiece with durable, grinding precision and other characteristics of the file combination.
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