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Machine Tap

  • Spiral Fluted Taps
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    Spiral Fluted Taps

    The spiral groove tap is a tool for processing threads. Of or relating to a tap because its chip-draining groove is named for its spiral shape.
  • Straight Slots Taps
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    Straight Slots Taps

    Straight groove tap is a tool for thread processing of general lathes, drilling machines and tapping machines.
  • Machine Taps with Internal Swarf Passage
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    Machine Taps with Internal Swarf Passage

    Content chip taps, German NORIS patent products. Its outstanding feature is to open a large enough chip-holding slot in the head to work in the cutting line to avoid contact with the machined thread.
  • Spiral Pointed Tap
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    Spiral Pointed Tap

    Snail tip tap, also known as apex tap, is suitable for through holes and deep threads, with high strength, long service life, fast cutting speed, stable size, tooth cleavage (especially fine teeth), it is a kind of deformation of straight groove tap, It was invented in 1923 by Mr.
  • Thread Forming Tap
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    Thread Forming Tap

    Extrusion tap is a new type of thread cutter which uses the principle of metal plastic deformation to process internal thread.
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