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Spiral Fluted Taps

Spiral Fluted Taps
The spiral groove tap is a tool for processing threads. Of or relating to a tap because its chip-draining groove is named for its spiral shape.
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1.Cutting blade:Spiral fluted taps


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The spiral groove tap  is a tool for processing threads. Of or relating to a tap because its chip-draining groove is named for its spiral shape. Spiral groove tap is divided into left spiral groove tap and right spiral groove tap. The geometric parameters of the spiral groove tap mainly retain helical angle, chip-holding groove, front angle and rear angle. The screw groove tap has the advantages of long life, high efficiency, low cost, good cooling and lubricating conditions, smooth cutting, easy entry and low torque. The spiral groove tap is one of the most commonly used taps. According to different working conditions, the right 15 °and 42 °screw angle are commonly used. Generally speaking, the larger the spiral angle, the better the chip removal performance. Suitable for blind hole processing.

2.Cutting blade


The life of spiral groove taps can be increased by 30% than that of ordinary straight taps, and some of them are more than 2 times longer. This is because the chip is easily discharged along the screw groove tap during tapping and will not be blocked out in the groove. The phenomenon of breakage and breakage is rare and the service life is improved. The blind hole tapping of high efficiency, low cost and low processing materials, such as stainless steel, alloy structural steel and all kinds of nonferrous metals, is done with spiral groove tap, only one tap is needed, no group tap is needed. When tapping the tap chip, it not only improves the tapping efficiency, but also saves the high speed steel material used in the manufacture of tap, and reduces the cost.

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