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Screw Thread Milling Cutter

Screw Thread Milling Cutter
Using condition of Milling Thread Cutter by Three-axis Linkage Machining Cente
Product Details:

1.Cutting blade:Screw thread milling cutter


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Using condition of Milling Thread Cutter by Three-axis Linkage Machining Cente

2.Cutting blade

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The cost is lower, although the single thread milling cutter is more expensive than the wire attack, but the cost of the single thread hole is higher than the silk attack. The precision of thread milling cutter is higher, the thread milling cutter can realize the precision with cutter, the customer can choose the thread precision he needs freely. Thread milling cutter is more beautiful than silk attack. Long life, thread milling cutter life is more than ten times or even tens of times of silk attack, reduce the time to change and adjust machine. Not afraid of breaking, broken silk attack may lead to the scrap of the workpiece. Thread milling cutters are easy to take out even if they are broken, and the workpiece will not be scrapped. The processing efficiency of the thread milling cutter is much higher than that of the wire attack. The thread milling cutter with blind holes can be milled to the bottom, but the thread attack is not allowed. Thread milling cutters can drill holes. Milling teeth. Chamfering canundefinedt be done at a time. A thread milling cutter can process internal and external threads with different rotation directions, but the thread attack is not. With the same pitch and different sizes of threaded holes, the thread attack needs to be replaced. Thread milling cutters can be used in general use. Thread milling cutters can be corrected by cutter for the first time. Thread milling cutters can not be corrected by cutter, but only scrapped workpieces. When processing large threaded holes, thread tapping efficiency is low. Thread milling cutter can be realized instantaneously. The cutting of thread milling cutter is powder shaped short chip, there is no possibility of twisting cutter, the wire tapping is made into spiral iron chip, easy to wrap cutter. The thread milling cutter is not full tooth contact cutting, The machine tool load and cutting force are smaller than the silk attack. The clamping is simple, the silk tapping needs flexible tapping handle, the thread milling cutter can be used ER.HSK. Hydraulic pressure. Heat rising and other shanks. A detachable thread milling cutter rod can be replaced by metric system. American system. When machining high hardness thread, thread attack wear is serious, even can not be machined, thread milling cutter can be easily realized.


1Q; Why choose you?
A:We have professional team of workers,service and inspection,and we have our own

sub factories.

2Q: Can I get samples?
A: Sure.We can send the samples for free,but customer should pay for the freight cost.

It will cost some sample charge for custom designs,but it is refundablewhen order is up

to certain quantity.

3Q: How to pay?
A: Usually you should pay 30% deposit before production,The balance paid before

shipping.For the small order,you need to pay the whole payment before production.

4Q: Will you save my mould for future orders?
A: Yes.once we create your mold,you can use it as many times as you like at no cost for future orders.As long as you keep the same design there is never any new molding fees.

5Q: Do you offer customized packaging?
A: Yes!All of our products can be packed as yours requirement.

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